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Chasers, YES…NO?.

Would you consider the term Femboy Chasers as being offensive? Is it not the case that some Femboys also enjoy taking on a more active role within the bedroom? If so, then surely you would welcome messages from Femboy Chasers.


I find the world to be a very confusing place these days as to what is exactly to call someone or not, it wasn’t that long ago within the transgender scene that it was OK to call someone a hot Tranny, but not anymore, its derogatory.


Is this the same with Femboy Chasers? Would it be wrong to assume that some femboys (I’ve dated them) enjoy taking on a more active role in the bedroom swapping around and basically just 2 people enjoying themselves.


Are You Femboy Chaser? .

Or more to the point are you a Femboy that’s looking to date males that enjoy when the roles are reversed and the Femboy is the one doing the fucking “yes please” If so then the term chaser shouldn’t in theory be offensive.


Meeting up with Femboy Chasers or Femboys is not hard, all you have to do is look at the FREE access into personals and we have thousands of members right across the UK searching for local hookups with males & other Femboys.


But if your interest is in meeting a member where roles can be swapped around then you need to make it a little clearer within your profile, and if you want to be direct tell members you like to fuck and receive..


Chaser Personals .

Letting members know exactly what you are seeking when dating is the key to getting messages from members that you want to meet with, this means often laying subjects on the line and being bult, it is a dating and sex site!


As a male if you are seeking active Femboys on your profile heading tell members, as this is the first thing all members see when searching for local contacts. So should a femboy or admirer be searching for active femboys seeing this in the heading will make him click the profile.


Meeting for SEX!! .

If you want to date someone on this site and basically enjoy a free for all hookup then finding contacts isn’t hard so long as you make sure your personals advert is clear on the members you want to meet with.


When searching for contacts you do have to try and stop looking at all the horny images and read the types of hookups the members are seeking. Anyone that enjoys swapping roles so meeting with active / passive contacts will have this within their personals, I know I search and found them!


Free Access Chasers .

Posted above is a free link to access ALL contacts that’s males & Femboys, but these results have not been filtered by age. It’s a way of just seeing what’s being posted up local to you, plus you get you view members adverts and photos (only one, more when a member).


Then if you want to explore more, join us for FREE!! The reason we offer a free membership is so you can try out searching for local contacts, even uploading your own Femboy Chasers advert or even active Femboy ad. Then if later you want more features upgrade, but by then you will have loads of members you want to connect with.

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