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Femboy Selfies, ok how many of us here haven’t pointed the phone towards ourselves and throw a pose! And more so how many are pleased with the result? And given the number of profile photos uploaded daily many members selfies have taken over your life, and a vital part of your personals profile.


Its clear to this admirer when it comes to getting a GREAT Femboy Selfie, some have it, others need some tips, although that also applies to admirers, in fact most of them! And it is about getting the light just right on, maybe your make up!


Should you end up pointing the camera, Opp’s phone in the wrong way or angle wrong, your pic is less likely to attract admirers or femboys, how to avoid that is easy if you just put a little time into your selfies and try following some of these tips to post up selfies that will get members contacting you.


One thing to clarify from the very beginning are Femboy Selfies better than admirers? Its not a case of being better, but it’s a skill many admirers need to master, quite possibly due to the number of times a femboy will take a selfie and know just how to look good in front of the camera.


Photogenic Femboy Selfies.

First are you photogenic? Does the camera just glow when it gets pointed towards you and if you were taking a selfie in a cave, it would still look amazing, or like most of us simply not that’s photogenic and can never get that natural smile to take that perfect Femboy selfie.


But I can shine a touch and point you in the right direction to help you get selfies that will not only attract femboys but also admirers if maybe your skills need a little bit of polishing, and these selfie tricks will make you look amazing in selfies. And it all starts with finding your best side, as we all have one.


Tips for best selfie ever.


:- Best Angle, is it left or right, maybe its square on, although I personally doubt it, but it’s a fact we all one side or angle that looks GREAT in photos. So try taking loads of photos and check out which works.


:- Light, one of the most important factors in getting great femboy selfies and admirers, great it wrong and it doesn’t matter which side, as no one will see it. Great light can pull your stunning looks out with natural light always being the best and try to avoid flash. Full sun can be OK but it can pull in heavy shadows if you are not careful so finding a shaded location during the daytime sun will help


:- Look up, never down to camera! And something I see many femboys doing is slightly raising eyebrows as this will make eyes appear larger and give a VERY sexy look. But whatever you do never go low as this will pull the ugly double chin look, not something you want to pos t if trying to attract a sexy femboy or admirer.


:- Background, not too busy! Try for a nice neutral background not too busy. I find a painted wall offers a great background just don’t stand too close in fact the further away the better just making sure you keep that painted wall full in the frame


:- and last editing! We’ve all seen the PS errors models post up and whilst I’m sure none of you would go into extremes of reshaping bodies, least I hope not, don’t overdo the editing software that comes with most cameras, crop maybe, perhaps adjust shadows a little and highlights’, but that’s more than enough and leave portrait modes and settings alone.


Follow these basic tips and you will be posting up the sexiest Femboy selfie photos and admirers showing their good looks to members

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