Femboy Dogging outdoor sex the BEST,

but finding safe public sex locations?

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Dogging Locations, where to meet ?.

Oh yeah that gem! Just look online I’m sure you will find loads of pages detailing dogging locations and in some cases, people saying what time, but you know these locations are not used anymore, because if you can access them so can the plod!


Its this reason that now dogging locations and outdoor sex sites are never posted where where everyone can access them but posted within members section often on forums or message boards. And YES we have one !


It is a FACT that we love DOGGING and more so knowing you are meeting with a horny Femboy or admirer, and lets face it meeting Dogging Femboys is not easy, not unless you want to head into some cottage and sex in some smelly toilet…no thanks.


But by using Femboy Dating site you can access others that love Dogging sex, but want to meet up with admirers and more so finding these safe public sex sites where you wont be disturbed, at least not by the police, maybe a voyeur yes! 


Find Safe Femboy Dogging Locations 

We already know its not a case of going to some car park and hoping, so the next question is how to meet Femboys Dogging and locations. By joining us and posting your personals advert you can tick that you are seeking outdoor sex / dogging maybe even voyeur sex.


When members then search for contacts whether that’s Femboys or admirers you will be matched with local contacts to you, its then a simple case of sending the member a message and arranging a safe dogging location to meet up, its really THAT easy.


Dogging Message Boards ..

You can also access dogging locations via message boards as members will post up details of places and sites they are heading towards and you can either respond directly on the Dogging message board or send a message private.


The other advantage to checking out the message boards is because postings are archived, in other words not deleted or removed you can search back over previous Dogging locations postings and access information of local sites to you.


Meeting Safely Dogging Locations ..

We all know the flashing lights signals, or interior lights on, plus some other pretty obscure indicators like windows open, door open and a few others, but wouldn’t life be so much easier if you knew the persons car you are meeting.


By prearranging dogging location you can swap car details, even send photos or the signals you want to use, take the guess work away from Dogging and join us and start finding Safe Dogging locations to meet Femboys & admirers

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