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Femboy dogging photo personals oh YES please, its probably no surprise to anyone reading this dating site that I LOVE femboys and have a passion for meeting these sexy young feminine femboys indoors & outside at dogging and public sex locations I know…and I’m not posting details here.


Over the last few years, I’ve meet online and at dogging sites a few femboys and on occasions taken photos, either with the member sucking, fucking or just flashing to me, but posting those photos outside of the members section, sorry not going to happen, along with other members.


Why? First the photos posted here of members are what are classed as non-adult, what does that mean? It means photos that don’t show any nudity, now it would be difficult to post a photo showing a Femboy getting fucked over a car bonnet without showing her little pussi!


Viewing dogging Femboys

There is only one place where you can access “real” femboy dogging photos, and that’s within the members section, but even that’s free, more on that below. As a member its easy to find all kinds of dogging contacts from admirers to femboys, and thankfully in the members section we like to share.


You will be able to find photos, but better still hook up with others that have a passion for sex in public places, because whilst looking at photos is horny, getting your cock sucked by a dogging femboy outdoors is a LOT more!.


Finding Dogging Contacts.

It all starts by joining, you can see some personals via the FREE link above, but the results are not filtered by member age or contacts looking for outdoor hookups, but it will give you some idea whats on offer.. To filter results, you need to access the members section.


As a member you can post your own personals advert, photos (a must if you want to get messages) and then start searching out Dogging femboys and viewing personals. Often photos showing dogging are in members private folder so you will have to ask for access, but if the member likes you that shouldn’t be a problem.


Join For FREE.

I’m pretty sure by now you want to find out just whats on offer to those that join for free, all the above! And the reason we let admirers & femboys have full access is so that you can see just whats on offer, plus being able to access dogging message boards.


If later you want more features upgrading to paid membership is easy and the name of the site will not show on your credit card, but for now give the site a go and join us and start checking out Dogging femboy photo personals and better still arranging meets.

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