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Finding Dogging Locations.

Dogging message boards offer the best way to meet up with femboys or admirers, but what makes a message board or a Dogging forum any different from Live Dogging chat rooms or just heading out and hoping to meet with a Dogging femboy…..a LOT trust me.


It’s a fact that we Brits love Dogging & femboys, so combining these 2 makes for a perfect match, the issue is first where to find Femboys for Dogging sex and second meeting up in safe location knowing full well you won’t be disturbed.


Dogging Message boards or forums if you want the geekier term offer a way for Femboys and admirers to meet up and exchange locations and maybe even post up warnings of places to avoid, plus if lucky post up some photos as well.


Forums Or Chat

Whats best? It depends on what you want, chat has the advantage that you know the member is online NOW and wanting to meet with members, but the problem is chat moves very fast and often difficult the follow discussions.


This means if a Femboy or admirer does post up asking if anyone is looking for a Dogging hookup it can quickly get lost as other postings are made. Forums on the other hand don’t have postings removed and you can look at over archived postings.


This means if a Femboy or admirer posts up that he’s looking to meet up at a dogging location you can search and find this, then respond directly to the member and they will be sent an email alert that someone posted on the dogging posting…then just log on and hopefully message.


Private Dogging .

Find those hidden and “SAFE” places to meet up whether you are a male or a femboy takes some planning and this is where Dogging message boards come into their own offering a great way to chat and post up safe places to meet.


Most when looking for Dogging hookups will either search online and find nothing but old locations, or worse still head towards a dark car park and hope to find a dogging contact, the chances of first finding someone is slim, finding a femboy dogging even less !!


Dogging message boards take all the risk away as you can chat with members checking out private locations and then prearrange to meet up knowing full well the person you are meeting with and details of cars / codes.


Clean UP !!.

Whether you want to meet up for safe dogging sex, or you prefer going natural, if you do use rubbers and wipes, please remember to clear up afterwards.


If there’s one thing that shouts out a private dogging location more than anything is people walking dogs and just out and finding rubbers all over the place. The result is it either gets added onto the police radar or if a park will be locked at night.


Check Out Messages.

Want to see just whats getting posted up? The only way to access the dogging message boards is via the members section. Join us today as a FREE member and post your personals advert along with photos, then start reading dogging messages & personals adverts.


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