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Is there anything better than meeting up with a horny Dogging Femboy or an admirer that wants to meet for a little bit of fun in the car, maybe park, but not the cottage!


I think I can say with total confidence that we brits are a Dogging MAD!! Or to put it another way just love meeting Femboys in public places for SEX, and whilst some Femboys and admirers get ready to watch the box after dark, we kinky public sex Femboys and admirers get ready to party!


What is it about Dogging or sex in public that makes it so horny, is it the fact you are doing something you know that is breaking the law? Or just the fact that maybe whilst in that moment of passion you may have a voyeur watching over, often wishing he could join in ..


Sex With Strangers – Femboy Outdoor SEX ..

Sex in public locations with strangers! Is that the attraction to Femboy dogging, or meeting admirers, personally NO whilst its true to say there is a little bit of a turn on not knowing who or what you are walking up to when dogging I prefer to know it’s a horny Dogging Femboy


This is one of the reasons so many now head towards dogging femboy sites to pre arrange meets with contacts, basically you know who you are going to be fucking, or maybe sucking, but either way you get to check them out and find out what they are looking for .


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Once you’ve found a local contact send a message and prearrange a private location, and you wont be just sitting in some dark car park wondering if you are going to get lucky that night or just have another wasted trip and head home to stream porn.


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