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Another Boring office day.

The Manchester Femboy scene can you really ask for a better place to live, nope!, I’ve been out for 3 years now and do love my feminine side but I’m more a tom girl femboy that a pretty one which does get to mean people look at me often wondering, which is the way I like to keep it!.


When I go out with my GF Karen we do have some fun holding hands and kissing in public as we both love to shock. I’ve been dating Karen for about 8mths now and we have a great fun and a LOT of amazing sex, which as she likes to swap roles is more than fine by me!


I work in a call center in Bolton which is just about the most boring job EVER! And I would really love to change, and some friends want to open a fashion shop which could be so right up my street as I love fashion, they also know I’m Femboy and think they like the idea of me working there, but for now I’m answering calls..


My GF Had A Treat For ME!


It was another dull day, least it was till my phone pinged, which it wasn’t supposed to do, but I’ve always been a rule breaker, it was VERY provocative photo of Karen, wearing little and holding a new Dildo with a message under, “I’ve got a treat for you later”


Knowing how much I love getting fucked I didn’t hang around when finished and got home as quickly as possible, I live close to my office in Bolton so a few stops on the bus and I was outside our apartment and walking in she kissed me and after a glass of wine suggested we took a shower together.


Karen washed my back moving her wet and soapy hands all over me and reaching between my felt my hard cock and moving back around slipped a finger into my asshole, moving another hand back around me she wanked me whilst fingering me, then entered another and slowly massaged my asshole whilst wanking me off . Pulling her fingers from me ass she slapped me “you are mine tonight,” lets get out.


Moving into the bedroom she reached out and took some ties out, from my old office days and she likes to tie my up with them and pushing me back onto the bed tied my wrists to the bed, in the past she would blindfold me but not this time as I also had an idea what was coming my way from the photos she had sent me. Karen then placed 2 pillows under my lower back, and then attached my legs to the bed with another 2 ties..


Pushed The Dildo Deep Inside.

She started teasing and licking my nipples which she knows drives me crazy and whilst sucking my nipples stroking my hard cock. I was pushing my back up getting more and more aroused moaning out and moving her hand from cock slapped my balls ordering me not to cum yet.


Karen reached into the drawer and pulled out her new toy and putting a little lube on slipped it deep into my asshole and started to fuck me, I begged her to let me cum but carried on sliding in and out fucking me so amazing, she then increased the speed fucking me faster and in no time I came on my tummy and moving her head down she licked it up and kissed me leaving some of my cum in my mouth.


She then removed her soaking wet panties, then wiped up my cum and ordered me to lick the crutch of her knickers which I did without a second thought and once moved away she straddled my face and ordered me to eat her out.

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