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Oldham Femboy

I’ve been living in Oldham for a few months whilst at uni, shortly after leaving school I came out as a femboy and never wear any male clothing, although most of the time live in fem jeans and only wear skirt / dress in private or when meeting friends at night.


I’ve dated a few guys nothing serious and I’m seeing this married guy right now as I do prefer men a little older, not too much around the 30-40 group, thats old enough for me..He’s nice guy, and as he sleeps with the wife, I get to also sleep around if a profile takes my fancy..


Tonight I was alone, bored and after trying on a few outfits settled for pink panties with matching bra. Open top that just showed enough cleavage to tease and a short demi skirt…that my last BF bought me..


I had a few glasses of wine and so logged onto the site and saw this new guy in Oldham and was online so I sent him a message and we started chatting. I then asked if he wanted to hookup and would meet at a local bar car park I knew. 20 minutes later I was standing in the car park waiting for him.


Car Park Pickup ..

I saw this car pulling into the car park and getting alone side he pulled the window down and said “hi” getting in straight away he leaned towards me kissing me, then asked where I wanted to go. I suggest a drink first, so he parked up and we walked into the bar.


His hands were all over me standing at the bar and going over we sat down and started drinking and chatting, it wasn’t long before where my BF was and I told him we couldn’t meet every night being married.


He leaned towards me and taking my hand placed it on his crotch and moving my hand felt his massive cock…want some! How about we drink up and go somewhere a little more private and with that finished our drinks and headed towards his car…” I know a great place we can go” driving off a short while later we pulled into a dark car park by the park and knew this was a dogging location!.


Oldham Park Dogging .

Parking up he found a dark place, he removed his seat belt and opening his jeans unzipped and could see his hard cock, I took my belt off and moved my head down and could see some precum on the tip of his cock… poking my tong out I liked it off before taking his cock fully down and started sucking him.


He moved his hand between my legs and soon found my cock and start playing with me, but I wanted him inside me. I suggested we went outside because I want to be fucked and smiling he didn’t need to be asked twice.


Standing against the car I got to my knees I started to suck his enormous cock and he felt so good in my mouth and without wasting time, I was fucking his cock with my mouth getting as much in my mouth as I could.


I really wanted him inside me, standing up I pulled my skirt over my waste and dropping my panties I placed my hands onto the car “ well you going to fuck me” with that moved up behind and feeling the tip against me pushed back and slowly I took him all inside me

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