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Mums Bra .

I thought it was about time I started my little blog here rather than filling my profile up with bits LOL… so how I started dressing fem and knowing I wanted to be a Femboy, we’ll when I started I didn’t even know what a Femboy was, let alone the fact that I wanted to dress feminine ….and an even later discovery that I preferred guys.


I started very young, although since talking with other Femboy friends it seems they did as well, but for me, I was around 12 when I first picked up a bra looking at it and thinking “ I wonder just how that would feel”


After working out the best way into it I tried it on, it fealt amazing and being a padded bra even gave me a little shape, I really wanted to be able to see myself but no mirrors here as I was in the utility I looked for some other items to try on but I then heard my sister so needed to remove the bra and quickly leave.


A few days later when I knew my sister would be out, I return and pulled another of my mums bra’s out and putting on felt so nice against my body so then decided to get one of my t-shirts out and put it on walking around the house for a while till I knew my sister would have been returning.


Developing Boobs .

I didn’t move anywhere further with his for a few years but it was whilst at school one day I was looking at girls wearing tight t-shirts and could see they were starting to develop boobs and this made me think back to when I tried my mums bra on and it got me thinking, but this time it was way more sexual and I wanted more.


I also found that I was spending more time with other feminine guys and not hanging around the macho types, other than when in the changing rooms and did my best not to stare at strong bodies and often large cocks…After one day doing sports I headed home and being alone went into my sisters bedroom as she was a similar size to me and tried her bra.


Getting some socks out I wanted to fill the bra like the girls at school so rolling them up put them into the bra because I was desperate to see what I looked like with boobs. Getting one of her tshirts out I stood back looking in the mirror and was totally blown away how cute I looked with my small build and now boobs!.


Bra & Knickers.

I wanted more so getting her knickers out I removed my trousers and quickly pulled my panties down replacing them with her far sexier and more pretty pink knickers. Standing looking at myself in the mirror I knew this was what I wanted, and I was so desperate to try on her skirt but didn’t have the time knowing she could be home at any stage.


That was 10 years ago and I suppose the beginning of my femboy journey, I had lots of bumps and fun along the way and loads more interesting experiences especially when I first meet a guy and sucked him off whilst wearing summer dress, but that’s for another day and looking forward to sharing more.

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