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I’ve been a sugar baby femboy to a few males and love the way mature Daddies treat me….buying me gifts, taking me out, even one a holiday but hopefully expensive ones. I’ve not been dating for a few months when I met Bill on the site.


He’s 65, married, aren’t they all, slim and loves being around VERY sexy young femboys …”hello ME!!”, but more so like watching me with other males, which is his turn on and he’s become VERY dominant over recent weeks, which if I’m honest I love being told what to wear, do and more so have sex with.


It was a Tuesday evening and I normally get midweeks to myself so was just chilling listing to music and enjoying a glass of wine after my shower. I was getting dressed after washing away the masculine clothes of the working day when the phone pinged, it was a message from “Tom” my sugar daddy. “Meet me at car park near Mc Ds” which I knew one thing, he wanted to watch me outside with someone…


Spoil Me Rotten Daddy ..

A little about Jeff he is a wonderful handsome mature man that loves spoiling me in more ways than any other Sugar Daddy buying designer clothes, more often sexy, and he does love the tarty look that I pull off so well.


I put on my short tartan skirt, that when I sit down rides right up showing my stockings and tiny panties… I headed out the short walk and even just walking down the road was getting the attention I wanted from men, but I’m heading to meet Daddy.


I saw his car parked up at the far end on the Mc D car park so walked over strutting my best slutty walk knowing I was walking over to be FUCKED I hope…I could see Tom in the car smiling at me.. “You look amazing babe, want to have some FUN…?” sure I replied to Tom and off we went .


Femboy Rimming Stranger.

“Where are we going honey” I waited for his reply, I’ve been chatting to a friend that’s not had any luck with sex for a long time …and he told me the reason was all his girlfriends are not into rimming guys, thats when I told him about YOU..


“what he’s straight?” “yes, he wants you to rim him then suck him off till he cum’s” OK sounds like fun, more knowing Daddy with be watching me. I get into the back seat as told making sure Daddy gets a VERY long look at my little bottom hoping one day, he will take it !!.


Pulling into the carpark it was dark but could just about make out a car parked in the corner, Tom pulled over by it and no sooner had the car stopped a guy got out and got straight into the back seat with me. Tom then adjusted the mirror so he could get a better look and the guy leaned forward kissing me on the cheek…how sweet LOL..


It was then he told me how much he loves his passion for rimming “so” I said “get your jeans off babe” with that he was excited he was undoing his trousers so fast, and turned around on the seat and pulled his cheeks apart…..”Mmmmmmm nice sweet smelt” thank goodness I thought, Tom was now glued to the mirror watching every move, the guy said “Please poke your tongue right in dear” with that I pushed my face hard into his bottom and my tongue slipped into him and slowly started to fuck his ass with my tongue.


Fucked With My Tongue.

I was increasing the pace and could hear him groaning and moaning with every push of my tongue and knew if I carried on like this his load would be going all over Tom’s expensive car seat, so I stopped to lick up and down his crack.


“Turn over I want your cum” turning over he laid back and lowering my head down his cock was already covered in precum and wasted no time taking him fully inside my throat, his hands moved onto my head and pushing me he thrusted up, making me gag, but he didn’t last no more than an few thrusts before he came and I swallowed all his cum.


Pulling out he zipped up and thanked me….I’m sure he didn’t know I was a Femboy!! and dont think Tom told him either ..but it was fun and Tom took me home and left…I headed home and had a shower with a very nice present from Tom ..

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