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Anyone wanna have a chat? ..

Chatrooms for many the chance to meet up and chat live with Femboys and admirers, and what could be better than putting the laptop on, logging in and heading straight over to Femboy Chatrooms meets up. Although maybe check messages first.


Its interesting the way many use personals sites, some will just put a Femboy Personals ad live with some photos and leave it at that, maybe visiting once a day to check messages, whilst others will log in and head straight into live chat knowing friends are online.


Live Chat is like having your own club at home as you know everyone logged on is either a Femboy, or admirer and heading into a room that you know is full of possible friends removes so many worries and concerns, plus being monitored you know people have to follow rules.


Femboy Chat Rules, or else

Its really not that bad in fact the chatroom rules just come down to being respectful towards others and not spamming the chatroom with messages when others are chatting… Can you get banned from the site because of abuse? Only removed from the chatroom for a period of time


Don’t be a Rose on the Wall ..

When entering the Chatroom say “hi” you will be surprised how many will come straight back to you and start chatting, others may head over to your personals advert and check you out, then return, hopefully with a comment about your hot photos, or interesting hookup you are seeking.


Then you will get those that just want to meet up… and jump straight in asking about what you are looking for or even more direct lets meet.


One thing I would advise against is going straight to inviting someone for a private message as some members find this a little rude before at least chatting first in the open live chat.


Having a good profile photo is one of the main benefits when coming into the chatroom as whilst looks aren’t everything, people when talking will want to check members out first, even more so if asking for a date.


Private Femboy chat ..

When you do connect with someone whether that’s a Femboy or admirer you can set private chat where only you and the other person can see whats being said. It’s a great way to have a one on one conversation and being able to talk more freely.


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