Are Femboys All The Same

Different Types Of Femboy Characters

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Types Of Femboys

The different types of Femboy characters, are all Femboys the same? Isn’t that like asking are all guys, females & transgenders the same? NO they are not and sometimes seeing questions posted up in social media chat groups does make you wonder what planet they are from …clearly the planet Zog.


I do find it amusing with some of the postings you read within these newsfeeds, and it could ether just be posted to make others click thinking they are just about to discover some dark hidden secrete about the femboy genre, but often it’s just guys asking and hoping to meet someone.


Within the Femboys genre there are different types of femboys, these can include sissy femboys, tomboy femboys, kawaii femboys and not forgetting the bimbo femboy, plus even a few others which I’m not going to get into. The traits they display obviously female is not just about what they are wearing, but also behavior towards others.


Tomboy, Sissy, Bimbo.

Femboys NOT all the same and it starts with the Androgenous femboy. These show both masculine and feminine sides to themselves and it can make it difficult to distinction between them. Their natural characteristics can show both male and female sides. As for appearance, its very intersex.


A Sissy Femboy, some would say should really be viewed as a transgender although whilst having a need to be a female do not want to change sex. But these very feminine femboys reject all signs of male masculinity and in most cases Sissy Femboys are confused as being female, some could even say femboy traps! Sissy femboy often never socializing with males but prefer company of females. Sissy femboys are normally seen with butch lesbians and tomboy femboys.


Talking of Tomboy Femboys, They are mostly young cisgender females that dress in male or like a boy. They are attracted to males , but whilst being like a sissy femboy they are nowhere near as feminine. Basically she looks & acts like a young boy. Often you will not find contacts like this within FTM community but often found at sports venues / gyms plus doing other things masculine.


Bimbo’s ….are they every mans dream date, most because they are highly attractive, mostly blonde, with huge breasts, but will wear heavy make-up. They want to look sexy and are extremely confident femboys.


Kawaii femboys are these what you would class as the stereo typical femboy? Young males, cute feminne appearance and mannerisms, with a female name more often and you will never see a Kawaii without wigs (if needed) accessories & make-up, etc.


If you are a femboy do you have to fit within a “type” NO because all femboys are unique and very different and whilst as an admirer I prefer Bimbo’s you may have your own special kind of femboy you want to date..


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