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Becoming A Femboy

So you want to become a Femboy, right? Its not just a case of putting on some lippy there are a few things that every Femboy needs to know to get “THAT” look just right…. as femboy and a passion for crossdressing these are just some of the things you may have to consider.


Although if you want to take some parts of this guide and leave others great, who’s to say being a Femboy has a rule book!. I know I’ve thrown mine out a long time ago.


Becoming a Femboy may seem overwhelming, its pretty normal when changing your sex and looking at the process of feminisation its complicated to say the least. Whether you were lucky to have a sister and enjoy the opportunity of seeing her explore feminine stuff, or like myself a single child.


Now its time for YOU to have fun…and remember exploring is FUN with so many exciting new things try. From clothes, make up, haircare and skincare “VERY IMPORTANT” to shoes hair styles and of course not forgetting sexy lingerie.


Femboy Make Up Advice.

Shaving !!! Yep, it will be the bane of your life, but to get “THAT” look and totally kissable face & body it will be worth it. If you really want to go that extra mile, try laser or electrolysis to lose facial hair.


Make up, after the smooth skin, you need to start making it sexy and learning the skills behind make up is key to making yourself feminine or pass as a girl, it will cover those imperfections. During the day you want lighter make-up that is more natural, but at night, especially if you are going to a party or club, you really want to go wild.


When applying makeup Youtube is the starting point that and female friends will help a lot as most of my female friends were very supportive and accepting when I told them I wanted to become a femboy, although most knew but will be a lot easier to learn giving amazing advice.


Femboy fashion AKA female fashion you wont get straight away, as you need to think about many aspects, your body shape, what color’s work better and more so what match etc. I started dressing with casual outfits like jeans or nice top from the women section.


Buying Outfits.

I LOVE shopping for dresses, but it can be a challenge for femboys, trans girls, and cis girls as we have wider shoulders, but taking a friend along is a must to help.


Hair, long or short don’t make the same mistake guys make and barely wash it, you really would be shocked how much work goes into keeping long hair with shampoos, conditioners, hair mousse and lets not even get into drying techniques, YET LOL.


If you are not pierced, then get your ears pierced as soon as possible if not already, I had mine done when I was young telling my parents I wanted to look as cool as the trendy guys, although thinking about it back then I was clearly loving the female look over males, thankfully my parents bought it.


Getting your nails right takes time and a very steady hand, never try to do it in a rush, it will look awful and if you are just starting to think about being a femboy start painting them now. Start with a top coat, base coat , and cuticle oil will give you a flawless manicure DIY.


If you are seeking a feminine voice, then do some research as you can use systems transgenders use that will soften & feminise your voice.


Female Girlfriends.

Having female friends “IS” a must as you will find it easier to chat with about femme stuff like fashion, make up, but having said that also femboys & trans girls friends will help and support you with your Femboy journey.


You will get the attention of males, sometimes idiots, but on the other side you will receive compliments as well unlike any you’ve had before and once you know the type of men you want to date you will soon see thought the idiots and dating guys.


If you prefer dating girls, then there are a lots of bisexual and pansexual girls that prefer having a femboy partner and will love meeting up. And last remember you ARE amazing .

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