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Femboy My First Anal, help, advice and how I lost my virginity, I was a bit of a late starter I loved wearing my sisters’ panties but it wasn’t till I was living alone that I explored further and now have several looks that I love, see my profile for many photos hehe.


Because I started late I didn’t start dating boys so no anal, no toys it just didn’t come into my mind, you know SEX!! as I was just in between and a bit confused, I did once explore with a finger whilst in the shower and that got me wondering.


But being FUCKED Nothing. Nada. Not a single toy, so you can image when I started dated guys my complete shock when my boyfriend brought up the subject of anal SEX. Thankfully at the time we were just in a bar but to be honest whilst I knew about anal my research was nada and after saying this I was worried….how would my poor little bottom take such a big cock, yes my BF was hung.


Researching Femboy Anal SEX .

Once home I searched this, so putting in ‘trying anal for the first time’ did open a few interesting sites and found some informative articles on the best way to get fucked hehe or more so how to get ready to have your man inside you…kinda prep for insertion I think one classed it as.


To save you reasearch as trust me I looked at a lot he’s some tips for my other newbies out there…The main one being hygiene & comfort get those 2 right and you are on the right track. It will take you a few attempts, so you need a patient BF and we tried a couple times, plus I prepared using fingers & toys before jumping onto the real deal.


Best Femboy Fucking Position ..

Oh you know don’t you woof woof 😊 its our great doggie position its the best for starting out with anal sex, although one site said about femboy anal spooning is the easiest way, but I’m still not sure on that one, although I’ve now tried it after an afternoon nap (we were going to all night club) and waking up with my BF hard cock pushing against me, he just slipped inside me, with a little lube.


Whilst getting your position is right you need LOTS of lube, I can’t emphasis just how LOTS you can never be slippery enough, remeber your angus is not like a pussy thats self-lubricating, the only way your bottom pussy gets wet is with your juices when getting fucked hard…but you need lube before you get there


Femboy Fuck.

Once I was ready and needless to say prepered with cleaning, but you can read yourself about that messy side of getting ready, I prefer the fun…so you are comfortable and have the right partner to take your femboy virginity, when you do I can garantee you will have the most intense orgasm like EVER.


For me my first was earth shatteringly FUCKING amazing and remember it well…Marc, great guy, sexy body…hung, oh YES. After my first there was no stopping me although you still must prepare and the build up to anal with your partner is the fun part.


Just remember when trying anal for first time, don’t force it, it wont go in the harder you push and pull if you are clenching up..Plus you won’t enjoy it and miss out on a huge part of your sex life.


One last point after getting VERY well fucked you may feel open, assume you had the pleasure of hung guy, it is normal you’ve just stretched to take a big cock fucking your ass, it will go back..


Hoe you enjoyed my little blog I may write a few more watch this space, or send me a message and lets chat, meet maybe something else

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