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Femboy Ass To Mouth, or A2M or even Throating & Ass to mouth, all of the above all amounts to one thing that’s sucking a guys cock after he’s been fucking me, which I think it’s hot, in fact when reading my personals it’s one of my turn on’s / interest, maybe one reason why I get so many messages as guys just love the idea of fucking a femboy then sucking a large (hopefully) cock into my mouth and cumming.

The only ass to mouth I will do is sucking a cock after its been inside me, thats a “MUST” as I just love the taste of a wet hard cock thats just been inside my ass either before he has cum, or freshly loaded up with his cum all over his cock after cumming inside me.


Its more so the different taste of cum after its been fucking me, maybe I just love the taste of my ass and happy to take and clean plugs, dildos and if a regular contact and they know to trust me will let boyfriends go ass to mouth, licking my juices, I wouldn’t say it happens often, but I know they love it especially when I’m clean and not going to hesitate, licking and sucking, hopefully with kissing so we can both enjoy.


Ass To Mouth Cleaning.

I was asked by a guy how I prepare for femboy ATM and whats the safest way? The first as I describe above which means LOTS trust knowing I’ve done a lot of deep cleaning before ass to mouth contacts / anal sex?


The key…LOTS or water and I mean a lot forget just getting your douche out and squirting a bit of water before your cock goes from my sweet little femboy ass into my mouth, I want to know I’m well preparing for anal fucking, sucking and licking, my preferred method, get the shower hose inserted !! Trust me it works…


Obviously, you need to remove the head, not unless you have one VERY loose pussy baby, then after removing the end make it rounded off over the edge as you don’t want to cut yourself, this does mean planning, don’t just think about doing this last minute..plan baby!


Then insert and enjoy the rush I normally have several goes of squirting shower water at warm temperature and set around medium flow, you don’t want to force too much water and you need to be able to help the anus relax, this gets the hose deeper and easier to be inserted, with lube.


Then relax and just let the water flow, can go deeper and push so that it reaches the top rectum / upper sphincter, and this will ensure it completely will flush your sweet little femboy ass out ready to take that fucking and then suck the guy clean.


Something I did find when doing this overusing a Douche is that I can reduce my preparation time so if a guy contacts me and we start getting all dirty with messages and the subject of me doing ass to mouth is brought up I can be ready to play inside 10 minutes using my shower hose.


ATM Dildo FUN..

Is it fun, we’ll lets be honest having a hose inserted into your ass can be a turn on once you’ve gone through the first messy flushes, then poking around and leading to other things being used like fingers or dildo.


I do what I call the taste tests and that’s by fucking myself with a medium side ribbed dildo, then afterwards throating it sucking licking and taking it fully back…then I know my ass is ready to be sucked and fucked, then licked afterwards.


I also find some finger play can be fun as I know exactly where to hit to stimulate and whilst I never start out to make myself cum if I do a quick cleanup is an added bonus and helps me last longer when I meet the guy…like the idea of ass to mouth with a sexy femboy, message me I’m waiting.

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