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Bristol Temple Meads station SEX .

I’ve been commuting to and from work between London & Bristol for a few years now and this was by far the best trip I ever had and never dreamed I would meet a Bristol Femboy on the way home..what a lucky “ride” that was.


It was a later finishing time than normal and didn’t get on the train till 11 and I was FUCKED the train is normally very busy but at this hour even leaving London was quiet and as we stopped more got off as we headed towards Bristol Temple Meads station.


I was sitting down listing to some music when I noticed a very pretty 20 ish girl sitting at a table seat across from me, I can only assume that she must have just got on as I would have noticed here before with long slim legs, a very short, pleated skirt.


I did my best not to stare towards her but the way she was sat i could see the tops of her thigh and her stocking clad legs were apart. She looked over and could see that I was staring at her legs and to my amazement so turned a little towards me giving me a full view up her skirt.


Femboy Stocking & Knickers..

She then moved her hand under her skirt and slowly pushed her skirt up so that I had full view of her stocking tops and I needed to put my bag in front of me to hide the bulge in my trousers which clearly, she enjoyed as she opens her legs and could see a similar bugle in her knickers.


I was so turned on and could have dragged her into the train toliet but the train was pulling into Temple Meads so standing up and adjusting myself she also stood up and as no one was around grabbed my cock and squeezed it hard and told me “meet me in the toilets”


We both got off the train and a few people were walking around but I could still make out this shape of this amazing sexy femboy in heels, stockings, pleated skirt and white blouse walking just in front of me, she looked around occasionally smiling and headed straight to the ladies..


Fucked Femboy First Time .

I looked around and as most had vanished from the train it was quiet so headed straight inside the ladies and saw a door slightly opened in one of the cubicles so headed over. She was standing there and getting down onto her knees she unzipped me and started sucking me off. She was so good, and it was all I could do to stop myself from cumming as she soaked my cock with her saliva, licking it off like she was enjoying a ice cream.


Standing up I could now clearly see her cock pointing against the pleated skirt and as she’d give me a blowjob I thought it was only correct. It was odd I’d never considered myself bi or gay, but she was gorgeous and so sexy that I sat back on the toilet and lifted her pleated skirt, pulled her knickers to one side and took her cock into my mouth.


She went gentle not fucking my mouth hard with her cock as she guessed it was my first, but I was loving every second sucking and licking her, but then she pulled away and leaned forward kissing me “fuck me baby”


With that she turned around and I moved my cock to the front and pulling her knickers to one side lowered herself down onto my cock and my cock went straight inside her pussy. She was so tight much tighter than women I fucked and BETTER!!.


Licked Cum From Femboy Cock yumm..

She started riding my cock fucking me hard and she started to groan out loud and putting her hand over her mouth she was able to muffle the sound as she fucked me deeper and faster. I moved my hand around and took her cock and started wanking her as she fucked me, and it didn’t take long before she came and so did I.


Getting up she turned around and I could see cum dripping from her cock and moving towards me I licked it off and she returned by lowering her head and licking all the cum from my cock. She pulled her knickers back up and gave me a note with her phone number.


That was the start of six months of fucking just about everywhere around Bristol and in our flats.


Sadly her job took her to another county, but after having so much fun with my Bristol Femboy I needed more and soon found a place to hookup with hot Femboys

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