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I’m at Leeds Uni and whist it’s a pretty cool place to hang out I do miss my old friends as in “Friends with Benefits” if you get my drift… I joined this site because I was getting bored with hitting the local cottages, plus had an EXTREMELY near miss recently with someone in blue and I’m not talking about a sexy guy.


I was bored….again, and having tried on a few new outfits and looks was getting horny, it does not take much…so got out some new panties, matching bra and stockings and decided to head out…Oh yes cropped top and jeans, I’m not that crazy.


I was chatting with the gay guy in the chatroom, and he told me about this new cottage, private, not on the “map” as such so hopefully police free. So headed out. I found the place and walking across the carpark I was getting horny feeling my cock against my knickers and wondering if I would get any reward

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Walking into the cottage it had that familiar awful smell and straight away you have asked yourself “you want sex in here” but by now my cock was getting hard and walking around the corner saw this cute young guy looking like he was having a piss in the urinal, not sure if he was or wasn’t.


Walking up to the urinal I has a sudden urge to piss myself, but with a semi hard I knew this would never happen, but unzipped and pulled my cock over my panites and tried…nothing, then the guy walked over and was able to see my panties and asked if I wanted a hand, so turning towards him with my cock out he reached down and took hold.


I instantly started getting harder and he pushed his hand under my top and feeling my bra started teasing my nipples which made me groan out in please as my nipples are hypersensitive to any type of attention.


We really need to take this into cubicle as anyone could have just walked around the corner and saw us, so looking over towards the cubicles the guy got the idea, and we walked over. He walked in and I followed with my cock still out and once the door was closed, he sat onto the toilet and put his hands around and started to caress my bottom.

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I do love it when a guy treats me like a girl touching my bottom and even thought I still had my panties on he was teasing my femboy ass pussy and then just slipped a finger inside me pushing my panties into my girlie hole.


He move the other hand up and was teasing and pinching my nipples and I was in ecstasy, then moving forward he could see I had a little precum dripping from my cock and opening his mouth I moved towards him and he licked it smiling up at me.


“Fuck my mouth baby” I didn’t need to be asked twice and pushed my cock deep into his mouth and like a pro he took all my hard cock balls deep and I started to fuck his mouth hard. His finger was now buried deep into my hole and with expert fingers teasing my nipples I quickly filled his mouth with my salty load.


He swallowed every drop and did not waste anything as I gently pulled my limp cock from his mouth, looking down I smiled “now my turn”

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