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My first time Femboy Dogging SEX…. was it the BEST? We’ll I still look back and smile so as I’ve just started writing my blog after joining the site I thought I would share… I’ve been Bisexual for a few years, and I would say I’m more active than passive …I like to FUCK LOL…


It was a warm day and my day off, so I headed out to Hamble Park for a walk along the river. Its nice there and mid-week it’s quiet about half a mile from where I live.


I was walking along listening to some music when I saw a woman walking towards me. She had a summer dress on, sunglasses and very slim. Her hair was short and whilst walking towards me was sure she was smiling at me.


When we passed, we smiled and she carried on walking, but I had to turn around to check her ass out as she was so fit, and I could almost make out the line of her knickers. I must have been looking for some time as she then turned around, stopped and walked into the trees.


Dropped Summer Dress.

At first, I was just standing there thinking, “is this real?” Then my curiosity got the better of me so turned around and walked to where she had walked into the trees, it was quite thick woods, but could just make out her blue dress walking into the trees. Following her it came out into a grass clearing.


She was standing there looking at me. And slowly started to open her summer dress..She let it drop to the ground and was standing wearing small bra and knickers. Her tits where very small and could clearly see nipples hard and pushing against the bra.


She still had her sunglasses on but moving forward I kissed, and she responded pulling me closer to her, but it was then I noticed a bulge in her knickers and moving my hand down slipped my fingers into her knickers to find a cock!


At first, I was a little shocked, but also wanted to explore further so getting down to my knees I pulled her knickers off to show a limp but getting hard cock … I kissed the end making her jump and then turning her around pulled her cheeks apart.


Sweet Ass Pussy ..

Her ass was so tight and moving forward kissed her butt licking her sweet ass pussy and she groaned out in pleasure. She turned back and by now she was hard and even had some sweet precum for me to lick and enjoy. I started sucking her and she was fucking my mouth hard, but I didn’t want her to cum yet so pulled back.


I pulled my jeans off and was rock hard and wanted her…moving her against a tree she put both hands out and was resting against it and I returned to her ass pussy tonging her amazing pussy…she was so sweet, and I was able to poke my tong deep inside enjoying her pussy ass.


I really wanted to fuck her so standing up I moved closer, and she stopped me, and getting a rubber from a bag and some lube I put it on with a little lube to help me slip into her tight pussy. I moved my cock to the tip of her pussy and slowly pushed inside and held it there for a little while so she could adjust herself, but quickly she started to push back against me.


I started to fuck her, she was so tight and pulling her muscles against me as I was pulling out making her very tight…I moved my hand around and now she was fully hard and started to wank her which made her groan out in pleasure.


Fucked Her Ass.

I was wanking her hard and then quickly she came, I wanted to have some of her cum so pulled out and she turned around so I could lick her cum and pulling me up she removed the rubber and start sucking me off and almost as quickly as her I came in her mouth and she swallowed every drop sucking my cock dry..


She stood up and still had her sunglasses on and pulling her knickers back on and summer dress walked away…we never said a single word to each other and I returned a few times but never saw her again. I joined the site as I was hoping she was a member. I’ve dating a few Southampton Femboys but not found her yet…but I’m still looking

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