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I only recently started dating Femboys. I’ve been bisexual for a while mostly meeting guys at cottages but something I LOVE with a passion is oral sex especially when a guy swallows my load..When dating women some swallow, others not.


But something I found, least of all the ones I’ve dated is Femboys love to swallow, is that me being too generalized saying this? I don’t think so and after joining the site I soon started meeting and dating femboys and ones that swallowed!! This was one recent meet where I had public oral with a femboy…. although afterwards headed back home!


It wasn’t long after joining that I got a message from this very horny femboy called Angel that lived close and after swapping messages we talked about our own personal sexual kinks and discovered we had a lot in common…I discovered Angel LOVEs cum and prefers oral over anal, least for now.


Femboy Public SEX.

We arranged to meet in a bar that had a bit of a mixed crowd but had plenty of dark corners where you could chat or get up to other things. I got there early and was sat down enjoying a beer when in the distance I saw Angel walking in total confidence wearing short skirt, crop top and leggings and looked fucking hot! And knowing about our conversation was going to get Angel lips around my cock.


We started chatting but it didn’t take long before Angel’s hand was on my thigh rubbing upwards and finding my growing bulge in my jeans… I moved a little closer and Angel opened the top of my jeans, in here I thought, but with that I looked around quickly and pulled my zip down.


I was so nervous someone would look but it didn’t seem to worry Angel and she lowered her head licking the end of my cock and then started to suck me off….This was just way too much and I couldn’t let it carry on so stopped Angel saying we needed somewhere more private and with that pulling up ”nice cock, lets go out”.


Femboy Sucked My Cock .

We left and headed towards a large park and some trees until we came to a clearing in the park woods. Almost as soon as I stopped Angel was down onto her knees, opened my jeans and sucking my hard cock and needing the expert attention.


Angel had a lovely suction action, pulling all the way out then going deep back in and alternating with flicking her tongue over my cock she had no problem with taking my full length in her mouth and whilst I was looking around Angel didn’t give a fuck as she fucked my cock using her mouth.


My cock was soaked with saliva and she was fucking amazing at oral as she started going more vigorous knowing full well she wanted my cum load, after a few more minutes I knew I was getting near to cumming with my cock twitching as I shot my first cum load straight down her throat making her gag a little but she didn’t pull back.


Even after my first load she carried on sucking draining every drop of cum I had and swallowing without hesitation, she even pulled back and showed her tongue that was covered in my cum before swallowing that back … I knew she loved cum and wanted a lot so held back from wanking so I could feed her loads.


Standing up she was licking her lips and could see her cock pushing against her skirt and lifting it upwards see cum stained white panties and suggested we headed back to mine to carry on

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