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Started Wearing Sisters Panties.

I recently moved to Blackpool to basically earn some cash so that I could afford uni as my parents can’t afford fees and we were a very poor family so much so that being the youngest of 3 and the only boy meant I often had pass me downs, shoes, knickers and even dresses, which I didn’t mind, even enjoyed, and I did have a very feminine look and was growing my hair.


By the time I was 14 I came out as a femboy and had ears pierced, using makeup and was buying my own clothing, as I had a little part time job. By the time I left school I knew my look and what I wanted as I did get very turned on around mature males, ideally around 45.


I moved to Blackpool as I could get a summer job and earn enough money to help fees, and was sharing a flat with 2 girls, they also loved it that I was a femboy and we were able to have girlie nights. One of the girls, Donna, told me that her dad was going to be staying a few days as he was driving up to Scotland from Portsmouth, what she didn’t tell me was how hot he was.


Love Mature Males.

He offered to do some jobs around the flat and it was odd having a man plus such a horny man around and after a few days we were getting on well chatting and laughing and sometimes when walking past each other paused and could feel his hands on my legs.


One night as the girls were out I offered to cook a meal and afterwards filling the washer when he walked up behind me put his arms around my waste and started to kiss my neck. I LOVE having my neck kissed it soooo turns me on. I didn’t waste any time and moved my hands around and was rubbing his cock, he was so hard I wanted him right there.


Turning around he moved his hands and unzipped the back of my dress that fell to the floor, I was standing there wearing my bra with fillers, G-sting and stockings and by now my normally well tucked away cock was starting to show. Moving down his body I unzipped his jeans and pulled out his cock and started sucking.


I love oral and have stills far beyond my age LOL.. And was able to take him all and face fuck me, pulled him hard against my face right up to his balls. He was fucking my mouth hard, then pulled out and stopped asking if we could go into the bedroom just in case his daughter returned early.


Pushed Into My Boi-Pussi.

We headed in the bedroom and laying back kissed me passionately, whilst I removed my G-string and his hand as now between my legs playing with my cock and gurly-boi-pussi. I moved my head as I wanted more of his cock and immediately wrapped my lips around him sucking, his hand was teasing my boi-pussi and fingering me and he was clearly loving the deep throat oral, and was ready to suck him till he came, but he wanted more.


He pushed my head away and moving on top I wrapped my legs around him and we carried on kissing. I could feel his cock pushing against my pussi and pulled him closer he stretched me open wide and slowly & gently fully entered me.


He soon worked his cock fully inside and I groaned out loudly telling him to fuck me hard and cum inside me and started fucking and kissing me. I was amazed how long he was fucking me and was in seventh heaven, then I could feel him tense up and felt him cuming and filled my gurly-boi-pussi with his cum.


He pulled out and looking down at my cock saw cum all over my tummy and moving his head down licked and sucked my cock before coming back and kissing my passionately. We laid in bed for a whilst and then he got up.

Sadly the next day he left but told me he would be visiting his daughter more often, with a smile on his face…

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