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Sun, Sex & Getting OUT .

Whilst I’ve been a Femboy living in Essex for few years now I’ve never gone out! My friends tell me I’m crazy as I look amazing, you tell me? But going out dressed fem is just something I couldn’t build the confidence up to do.


Meeting on the other hand at my place is something I love and being bi happy to meet males and females, but if I’m honest I do love a good hard cock to play with, but still happy either way and that’s what happened the first time I headed out.


I needed a break so booked a cheap week away in Spain, plus I really wanted to head out and knew the LGBTQi scene in Spain was good, even more so in the sex capitol of Benidorm that had its bars and clubs so headed off out.


Spain Sun & LOTS of Sex..

My bags were packed and soon got to the hotel and was keen to get upstairs and get changed, I’d brought along a good selection of outfits but being in the middle of summer and being baking it was short and sexy!


After a few glasses of wine I was ready. I had on my little bleat pleated mini skirt, white blouse and because my legs were still lilly white, black hold ups. I took a selfie and sent it to one of my girlfriends in the UK and she responded with a BIG thumbs up and told me to have FUN.


Walking out I felt so good and didn’t get a second look from anybody other than a few guys eying me up which I responded by showing a bit more leg which they loved, but flirting with a straight guy is something I never do as they don’t tend to like it when pulling my knickers to one side and my cock falls out!


Benidorm Sex Cinema..OMG.

Walking around I stopped for a few more drinks and was getting very brazen sitting on a high stool showing my stocking tops off, and it was fun seeing guys eyeing me up with their girlfriends and the telling off they got, if only they knew.


I moved onto another bar where in the distance saw sign for Sex Cinema, we’ll why not. Walking in I paid and headed in and thought for some fun would watch some hetro sex and getting inside was surprised how many people and headed to the back row.


Sitting down at first it was hard to see around and then my eyes adjust and looking next to me was a very attractive couple with the wife or female sat next to me, she looked over and smiled and it didn’t take her long before she rested her hand on my thigh.


I wondered at first if she realised that she was sitting next to a femboy and had a growing and waitin surprise between my legs, but this didn’t stop her moving her hand up my thigh past my stocking tops and finding my cock stretching against my panties. At first, she stopped and then smiled and removed her hand and was worried that she was not expecting this, but then her husband gets up and sits next to me.


Getting HARD watching the movie ..

I was conscious of people looking but most were either watching the film or looked like they were having sex! Her husband now reached and touched my leg which aroused feelings and it was all I could do to hold back the growing bulge, so I tried to cover myself a little, but his wife moved her hand onto mine and moved it.


It was clear they both knew what they wanted and squeezing my legs with his his hand suddenly moved it under my skirt and moved it past my stockings, his partner was watch both of us and was clearly loving it as she had her own hard inside her dress and could clearly see was rubbing herself.


Pushing his hand further reached my panties that were ready soaked with pre cum and moving his finger teased my cock making it jump and point out from my knickers. Putting his hand around it started to slowly rubbed me and tease me and looking back at his wife, smiled.


His intensity increased and I knew I wouldn’t last much longer and pulling my skirt right up as I didn’t want cum all over it he moved his hand away and being now completely exposed his wife moved her head down and started sucking me off.


I was now jerking uncontrollably and knew she would soon take my cum load but she carried on going faster and deeper until I came with a shudder, and it was all I could do to stop myself from gowning out loud.

I left shortly after, but returned the next day, but that’s another story as the couple were there again

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