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Casual Sex East Sussex .

I live in Hastings, East Sussex and have been dressing fem for about 3 years now since leaving college and what can I say that my photos don’t LOL… I’m horny 247. I do love my holdups with short, pleated skirt and tight top, well if you’ve got it flaunt it as my mum used to, although she was saying that to my sisters not me.


I’ve been dating this mature guy in Hastings for a few months and when we started, I told him, that basically I like to sleep around, and considering we met on a sex dating site assumed he understood that so lets have some fun.


I got to his house around 7ish and he has a bottle chilling and we got chatting, I could see from the bulge in his trousers just what was on his mind, which was fine with me so we started to passionately kiss but I knew what he wanted so was soon on my knees sucking, it didn’t take long before I got my first reward of the night with him shooting cum loads down gulping it up..


On My Knees..

We started chatting and he was asked what I had been up to and without thinking told him about some guys I met in a Brighton club and the old jealousy thing started asking questions and I tried to explain it was just SEX, but I could see he didn’t like it and things after that just got worse and in the end I left.


Getting home I had loads of messages from him, but I’m stubborn and this time he had gone too far, so sat back and put the laptop on and thought I would login and see if anyone was online and wanted to chat.


The site was quiet and was just about to leave when a message pinged up from someone online saying he looked at my photos and I looked so sexy, did I want to meet NOW… Fuck he’s not hanging around and he told me that he was only here for 2 days and would love some fun outdoors..


Dogging East Sussex .

Its been a long time since I’ve been dogging, and it was a warm night so agreed and he told me about this place in Hastings that had a private & dark car park and we swapped car details. I was already ready to go out so told him I’d meet him in 20.


Pulling into the carpark he was right about it being dark and quiet but soon saw his car so pulled alongside and I walked around to the driver’s door, I knew what he looked like as I’d checked his personals ad out before responding, getting out he said for us get in the back of his car.


Sitting back it was awkward moment between having sex and just talking but I could see his eyes looking at my legs which by now my skirt had risen up a bit and was showing off my stocking tops, reaching over he placed his hand on my leg, but I took it pushing it under my skirt and to my panties and started rubbing my cock.


Part two – Hastings Dogging 

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