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Single at LAST !!.

I’ve been living in Stoke for a few months now after my divorce. I moved here to start a new life and basically get away from all the bad memories that I had living with my wife & the so-called friends we had, funny how they quickly turned on me, and as they say there’s always 2 sides.


The reason I split up, basically my wife found out I was going to local cottaging locations, although mostly it was trying to meet with Femboys as I do love young and very feminine trans, although never sure if I should refer to Femboys as Trans.


Once I was settled in with a new job and work I set about meeting up with Femboys, but I wasn’t about to head to Cottages as I now its very hit’n’miss, plus I didn’t need to hide my activities anymore so had the freedom to date and meet Stoke On Trent Femboys.


Joined Femboy dating site…

Never thought I would do it, but I did and I was soon sending messages out. I did want to meet a Femboy for Raw sex as I do love Bareback sex, but I wasn’t just about to fuck anyone without a condom and it would need to planing and test!


Yes Tests, yawwwwwnn OK I know boring and its not exactly full-on passion, but I want to make sure we were both OK and these days getting tests done only takes a few days and you can even do it via the post now so don’t have to head along to the local hospital.


I posted my personals advert saying I wanted to meet Femboys but only Bareback and wasn’t sure what type of response I would get. I did put in my personals advert that before meeting tests on both would need to be done. I did think I would struggle to get replies, but either Staffordshire has a LOT of Femboys or I just got lucky but I had a few messages within a couple days of joining.



Slim, sexy, early twenties and was looking for something a bit more than just a one off, and YES loved bareback sex, but has been a while. We chatted over a few days and was more than happy for use both to be tested before.


We sent our tests off and knew we could have a few days to wait so carried on chatting and Emma asked if I wanted to meet for a drink one night! So we arranged to meet in this Stoke bar that was quite close to mine. That night I was nervous, no FUCKING nervous!! I’d seen loads of photos of Emma, some of them dressed some naked and couldn’t wait to get my hands on her horny body especially her smooth ass & cock.


I was sat in the bar waiting for her and in she walked, confident as fuck wearing a mini dress, white tshirt and black boots and fuck did she make eyes turn, little did most of the guys know she was in fact a HE, and quite possibly had a bigger cock than them!


Drink turned into Oral.

Emma sat down and FUCK was she everything I had dreamed off, and straight away got on really well, we were sitting quite close so I put my hand on her thigh and as we were in the corner and no one could see what was going on I moved forward and kissing her moved my hand under her mini dress straight up onto her little knickers and found her cock.


I moved my hand inside her panties and she moved her hand down and stopped me “ if you carry on babe I will not be able to walk out within my cock being seen“ LOL….. “ is your car in pub the carpark” I smiled, lets go.


Getting into my car straight away she was down between my legs and unzipping me, I was already hard and had pre-cum dripping from me which she licked up. She started sucking me and FUCK was she amazing and I came in no time which she swallowed right back.


Femboy Oral SEX .

Now it was my turn so Emma moved the seat back a little and pushing her bum up pulled her knickers off, straight away her cock jumped out and I wasted no time in moving my head down and sucking her beautiful femboy cock…so sweet, so horny and FUCK she was as big as me. I sucked her licking her cock and after a few minutes I knew she was getting near, and she pushed my head all the way down nearly gagging me and came straight down my throat.


I pulled up and we kissed each other, and she could taste her own cum as our tongs wrapped around, enjoying all our juices. We sat back and chatted for a while, we made another date for next week and by then both results will be in and after a drink in a bar its back to mine !!! I can’t wait

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