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With Chichester being University city its not sort of young Femboys and LGBTQ venues - but try online
Bognor Regis the home of Butlins and reading this horny males wanting to fuck femboys
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Femboy First Time Oral Sex .

First time I sucked cock dressed fem and I loved it, not I want MORE.. I joined this site because I’ve been wanting to be a femboy for some years and whilst till now had never had sex with another guy I knew I was bi, but I also knew I love dressing and being feminine.


It was only when I was 18 and living away from home in student accom as I was attending Chichester college, staying in the campus, which also gave me convenient access to the city center and a few bars, but I’ve never been into LGBTQ bars, even living away from home I just couldn’t walk in one, maybe if I was with some other femboys, but for now …no.


I was pleased with my look growing my hair longer, wearing more androgynous clothing, but I was slowly introducing more feminine, without getting too much attention, but I wanted sex and wanted it as a femboy. So I did something about.


I thought I would try online contacts and it didn’t take long before I was chatting to a few guys and this one guy called seemed nice, he was older than me, but I prefer older men and he also understood this was my first so was happy to take things slowly.


OMG I Was Getting Out ..

It was a Saturday night and Peter said his wife was away for the weekend and did I want to come to his as he lives in Bognor Regis, I would need to get a taxi but that wasn’t a problem. I told him I wanted to take things slow and he was happy with with.


I go myself ready and was very particular about being clean shaven around my cock as I have pubes and putting on a very sexy thong, I had just ordered I was already fighting back the urge to wank. I also love stockings, but holdups, with new jeans and a tight pink top. I don’t wear a bra as I’ve got nothing to fill it yet! I don’t go crazy with make up but love making my eyes up and was pleased with my look.


The taxi turned up and I was surprised got a greeting from the driver “ hello, love where you off to” mmmm seems my more androgynous look is working and he decided to go for the feminine side. I gave im the address and we headed off driving to Bognor Regis.


I got to Peters house a lot faster than I expected and was nervous, when the taxi pulled up in Peter was already at the door and I walked straight in. Like a perfect host a glass of wine was waiting and knocked it back almost in one.


Peter walked up to me and putting his hand down my jeans moving his hand inside my thong & quickly found my hard cock and looking at me asked me to remove my jeans & top, sliding them off over my stockings, pulling my t-shirt off I was standing in the room with stockings and thong clearly Peter liked as he smiled and undid his jeans, walked over towards a chair and sat back looking at me.


Tasted His Pre Cum ..So Sweet.

Walking over towards him I got down onto my knees and pulling his jeans off looked his cock, he was a little shorter, but thicker than mine and could see a covering of pre cum around the head, so moving forward I put my tong out and licked his cock then moved my attention to his head and with my tong out licked all the pre cum that was so sweet, by now my cock which was fully erect.


The chair he was sitting on was perfect height for my mouth to slide down his cock still enjoying all the salty taste of his pre cum, then took as much as I could before gagging I knew he was very worked up as his body was shacking and it wouldn’t be long before I had my first cum load and it was then he tensed up and twitch, and felt his cum fill my mouth.


I moved away and opening my mouth showed him and his cum on my tongue “ Swallow” he said and with a gulp I swallowed all his cum showing him my empty mouth. Smiling “ not bad for your first time, next time I will last longer” and with that told me it was my turn so I moved around onto the chair. His hands moved up my stockings and when on my thighs I was shaking with excitement as he moved his head towards my cock that was pointing on the top of my thong expertly took me all the way back with no gagging and started to fuck me with his mouth.


It was all I could do but hold be for a few minutes and grabbing his head pulled in deep all the way up to my clean shaven balls and fuck his mouth it wasn’t long after I shouted out “Im cumming” and with that kept his mouth tight around my cock swallowing every load until I had finished..


His Cock Started To Get Hard Again ..

Afterwards we sat back and he was stroking my legs and cock and looking between his legs I could see he was getting hard again, with that I moved down and started sucking him again….


What a wild crazy night that was and in the end we both came again although Peter did ask if I wanted Anal, but I’m not ready for that as least not yet. I carried on seeing Peter for a few weeks but it was getting harder to meet with his wife being home, but I had also made some other contacts as well so was starting to explore more fully my Femboy lifestyle, along with the outfits.

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