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My First Knickers .

I’ve been living in Bath, Somerset for some years since my parents moved here with my sister. I have done my best to hide my feminine side from my parents but fairly sure my sister has guessed or was told by one of her girlfriends I was now her little Femboy plaything.


It was during a break from Bath University that it all started, although thinking back I have always found female fashion beautiful and wondered what it would look like if I was wearing some of my sisters very clothes.


My sister is the same age and size as me and often she would come home with girlfriends having fun which often involved drink, guys & partying, some nights they would meet up at my home, even getting ready here.


Femboy In Thong.

This one girl I really fancied her name was Karen and she would often smile at me, and we would mess around flirting, but more than anything I loved her body and what she wore, and she had a amazing sexy body, which she always showed off getting LOTS of attention.


I could see myself as being a her bestie going out for fun girlie nights brush her hair or just swap girl stories, but I didn’t want her as a girlfriend I wanted to be with her like any other girl.


This Saturday night they all headed out leaving bags at home. My parents were out and my curiosity was driving me crazy making me wonder what type of knickers she wore, so heading into my sister’s room I went straight up to her bag and soon found her panties. And I knew it was a black thong, had to be knowing Karen.


Taking them, I went into my room,I stripped off and put them on, Ohhhh my I felt so sexy, but I wanted more so headed to the shower to shave myself then once dry and smooth all over put the panties back on….straight away I got hard.


Sexy Thong & Smooth Cock

Walking around my bedroom I was getting so turned on rubbing myself, touching, feeling my smooth legs and shaven balls and it I wasn’t long before I was so worked, I came in Karens panties, OMG so much cum, they were ruined.


I knew that I didn’t stand a chance of cleaning them, so decided the only safe way was to keep them, hoping Karen would not notice. They came home late, and the next morning they all left, and nothing was said. I wore them often over the next few days loving the way my smooth cock & balls felt inside.


I had a part time job to help with uni costs just and this day I thought I would try a day at work wearing “my” yes my thong and what should happen whilst working Karen walks in and asks me what time did I finish because she wanted to talk, but let slip that she knew I had taken her thong, and that she wanted to meet at her house.


After working I got to Karens and telling me we were alone..”Do you still have my panties? “ she could tell by my red face I did, and it was then I told her about how much I admired her body and what she wore, it was then she asked, “do you have them on now?”


Smiling at me, want to come upstairs and play dressing up, you look about my size and with that I followed her to her room “now strip for me” and looking at her thong she could see how turned on I was in her panties “slip them off like a women” and looking at me standing naked in her room said “ Im going to make you into my little school girl bestie” and that’s how my dressing started

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