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Femboy Oral SEX .

I moved to Derbyshire with my parents and started a new life here, whilst at school I soon understood that clearly, I wasn’t like other boys and whilst not visible I started to dress more feminine often wearing thongs I had purchased from the local supermarket.


Once in college I soon started making more friends and exploring my sexuality meeting up with Femboys, Trans & gay guys, it was then I met Paul. He was like me but has the advantage of living alone.


He only dressed under his clothes his male clothes although does like to use eye makeup, but so do many other guys now… We started getting more sexual but only oral, some toy playing, least that was until today and now my femboy cherry is well gone.


Femboy Cherry Lipstick.

It was a Saturday night, and I was planning on meeting Paul, I’d been to the shops and bought myself some very sexy lingerie and had been wearing my butt plug in all day getting myself ready for some serious attention later.


We only live 30mins apart and our dates usually revolve around me meeting at his flat at a designated time, he gave me a key so I could let myself in and he would be in the bedroom freshly showered, wearing something sexy and smelling sweet.


Walking into the room he was on the bed wearing sexy little thong, cup bra and stockings, but this time cherry red lipstick that made his lips look so fucking hot I just wanted to kiss them. I straight away strip off to my red thong, black stockings and turning around showed my butt plug firmly in place and cock ring.


I was just about to get onto the bed when Paul suggests I put the lipstick on, so heading to the bathroom I took the lipstick applying it all over and my lips looked amazing just ready to suck Paul’s hard cock.


Femboy Lipstick Oral.

Getting onto the bed we start long deep passionate kissing, which was made even better feeling our lips meeting with lipstick on, Paul then pushed me down telling me that he wants his little slut to suck and swallow his load.


I move down his body kissing him leaving lipstick kisses down his body and turning around allowing him to tease and play with my butt plug. I was sucking him going deep and whilst enjoying his cock I moved my hand upwards sliding the plug out so that he could rim me, and bring the plug down the bed he opened his legs wider allowing me to slide the plug into him.


I was fucking him hard with the plug pulling it out a little then quickly back and I knew with my oral skills it wouldn’t take him long before he would be feeding me all his sweet spunk. With Paul playing with my cock, balls and rimming me we were both building up and reaching over he got his small dildo and started working on my arse.


Paul knew this would soon make me cum and with both our mouths around our cock we were sucking and fucking as we both came filling our mouths with sweet spunk. I moved around and with my cum all over Paul’s face we kissed swapping our tongs and each other’s cum tasting the sweet cum on our tongs that were darting in and around exploring mouths.


Femboy Lipstick Kisses.

Laying back on bed we chatted for a little while and then started to kiss each making us both get turned on and I’m not sure if it was because of the lipstick or Paul teasing mu butt with his fingers. It was then he offered something harder and bigger and at last, I lost my cherry.


I will update more, but after using lipstick for the first time I’m now exploring more and even going out wearing some, although not so bright…but I’m getting there.

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