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I started dating Ash a few weeks ago and met on the site. I’m still a little new to dating Femboys but I joined as I was curious as I’ve been bisexual for a while but I found femboys just sooo fucking sexy, then after joining I met Ash.


A little about Ash, as a Femboy she’s hot, sexy, slim, and exceedingly small build. We do go out as Ash does like to show her figure off which is fucking amazing and with natural long hair it’s and she passible, or it just keeps people guessing which I love.


When we started dating Ash told me she wasn’t very sexually experienced which was one reason for joining Femboy dating and she soon started getting messages in…I was the lucky one! Our sex started a bit slow, but we soon got up to speed and were fucking like crazy and soon Ash wanted to explore, but I knew I was her first


Virgin Hookup..

Ash is the most prostate compliant person I have been with. I’ve seen a few guys being bi, but Ash was my first Femboy. I still remember the first blowjob it was at my office as Ash called by wearing a short, TRULY short summer skirt and sitting on the chair all I could do was look up her legs…


So I got to my knees and sucked till I was rewarded with a mouth full…. but next time wasn’t so much of a “desperate suck” and we both enjoyed each other trying a 69… it was then I started to explore Ash anus, like I said she was very inexperienced and still a virgin.


Whilst we were in 69 I licked my finger and started to explore her beautiful anus as I was sucking on her dick I thought she would tense up and go tight but quickly relaxed and I was able to tease I soon found her prostate that she LOVED…so much quickly filled my mouth with cum.


Milking Femboy.

Once I started something she loved and we had both gotten more comfortable with each other and now was using some lube on my finger and was even slipping two fingers inside being able to get my fingertip on her prostate massaging and it sucking her cock and she had an amazing climax.


Over the next few weeks we tried different positions and I was even able to make her cum now by just massaging her prostate watching as her getting more worked up till she could hold off anymore leaking cum, which I licked up, then swapped tongues so we both could enjoy it.


I knew that I was her first with anal play although had used some toys, but it was clear I was the person to take the lead play in both of us expanding of anal fun.. And it was one day that when out seeing an adult shop suggested we had a look inside.


We’ve now been dating for a month and our sex life has gone into overdrive with us both enjoying prostate orgasm and we have a butt plug, dildo and I will often tell Ash not to touch and I can bring her off quickly with my finger rubbing and massaging his prostate

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